Role: Design/Art Direction/Motion
As a member of the Talent Brand team at Nike, I’ve worked on a number of projects directed at potential talent on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, YouTube, and other outlets.
Craft The Future (with Hovercraft Studio)

Just Joined Nike Graphics

2023 Intern Graphics


IBM Watson

Role: Design Lead/Art Direction
Working with Mirada and director Jesus de Francisco as design lead/art director, I helped deliver an interactive installation for the IBM Watson Headquarters in New York City. The final result was a mix of programmatic and pre-rendered assets that explained Watson's capabilities and allowed viewers to navigate through various levels of content in different spaces.


UCLA Lighting the Way

Role: Design 
As part of programming to celebrate UCLA’s 100th year, Royce Hall was projection mapped in front of thousands of people on May 18th, 2019. Working with a team at BeGrizzlee, I contributed visuals and concepts for some of the more abstract and graphic scenes in the show. Kommune/NoSlate animated the project. 


Google Cardboard

Role: UX/Design/Animation
Working with Mirada, I helped conceptualize, design, and animate user interfaces and menus for a virtual reality experience using Google Cardboard and a custom-made mobile app. While a number of a different approaches were explored, the final design was informed by Google's Material Design.

Design Explorations



Role: Creative Direction/Branding 
The mission of cultivaide is  to enrich the lives of kids by connecting and supporting families to explore and cultivate interests. The service seeks to provide parents a place to find activities for their kids and give service proiders a place to reach families and simplify the booking and logistics processes. I worked with this startup to help define its mission, design its logo, develop branding guidelines, and explore the UX of its website.